We foresee holistic
growth of the
kids through sports


The three core principles of the KKMF are PLAY, PERFORM AND PROSPER. This essentially acts as the vehicle for the implementation of our theory of change. Every idea needs a good road map, and ours has been created through the use of the three P's. This leads to a child getting the opportunity to play multiple sports, perform in competitive leagues and learning crucial life skills through self-awareness and experiences of playing. On a very simple level, play, perform and prosper have easy to achieve goats. Playing means that children have access to quality sports and physical education training in school and beyond. Perform would lead to exposing the children to diverse opportunities to showcase their skills, such as the KKM League and other mohalla tournaments.

This leads to the ultimate goat of prosper which sees the holistic growth of the kids through this process. Pros-per would refer to their mental as well as physical development within the society that they live in. Physically prospering would refer to increase in strength, stamina and change in food habits. Mental development would see skills of leadership, accountability and responsibility grow in them.





Our program numbers across 4 locations.

Jahangirpuri, Aya Nagar and Sangam Vihar had one school and an after school program.

Chandni Chowk had a school program.

Currently we are working across 3 localities involving 2 schools Et 3 after school hubs in a hub - spoke community centric model. The structure of our work on a regular/ weekly basis is through coaches working directly with children. The school have a PE schedule for every class/ section which is implemented by our coaches with support from PE teachers.

  • The after-school program is a high rigor program aiming to develop sport-ing excellence. The sessions are focused on sports skills and a monthly session/ discussion forum on thematic life skill areas.
  • One of the major additions to our program has been is the parent engagement activity. Through one-o-one parent visits (once every two months) and parent meeting, the purpose is to raise awareness of parents about importance of sports so they encourage the children to continue playing irrespective of academic pressure and at the same time sensitize kids about diet and routine.
  • We have also started with community-based mobilization through initiatives like Mohalla tournaments. This tournament is organized within the community at a local ground/ park to enable more children to experience playing in a fun and competitive environment.The 2017-18 edition of KKM League witnessed approximately 50 teams from under-resourced schools and communities participating in the League, playing football and kho-kho.