Taking the game
to the standards
of national level


This edition of KKM League shifted to a concentrated approach with lesser number of teams compared to earlier years but focusing on tournament format at par with state level competitive formats ensuring higher playing time per team. We will be temporarily transition out of the city wide KKM League and concentrate on Mohalla Tournaments for next 3 years and then re-assess the feasibility of linking the Mohalla league to the city-wide league as a multi-tier grassroots sporting League running throughout the year and building into each other. We saw 800 kids and 50 teams participate in this year's league and it took place over 4 months.










As of right now, the KKMF have certain already established plans to execute and implement in the future.

  • We will concentrate on the existing 3 communities and expand our reach within the communities. At school level our focus will be to involve elementary level children at primary schools Et 9th/ 1 Oth grade students in secondary schools which currently are not a part of the program. At an after-school level we will focus on creating one more batch (for both boys Et girls separately) of 20 students at a fundamental level for two localities - Sangang Vihar and Aya Nagar
  • In terms of delivery of program, we target to achieve the planned intervention hours as per our program guideline level wise. The crucial aspect of this will be to achieve the targeted hours in every program bucket such as small ground sessions, big ground sessions, parent meetings, life skill sessions, competitive match exposure
  • We have to focus on infrastructural gaps in the community Et school level and advocate along these aspects as venues play a major role in sports. As our children proceed to an advance stage the need for dedicated playgrounds is urgent
  • We have to develop the concept of Mohalla tournament in a focused way as this will be a key format to engage community frequently. KKM League over last four years has been successful in creating buzz at a city level and involve children, volunteers, sportspersons and teachers. We are attempting to replicate the same at a micro level in a community context.